First case of frostbite

Alright once again my title is a bit deceiving. I do whatever it takes to get the attention of my fans. stay tuned!

Ok let's get to my amazing week.

Monday: we went shopping for P day at a mall. Went to a Jupiter, a store with imported foods from other countries. They had all sorts of American food I miss, but everything is way overpriced due to the fact they were imported. We made curry with our investigator みのるくん and asked if we could share a lesson. He said he had to shop, so he didn't have time. Not a complete waste of time, because we built a relationship, but our purpose of those cooking meal meetings is to share a message too. he knows that, so it was a bit frustrating.

Tuesday: we had another great DTM. First once as a new district. We have 4 Elders from 本部 (missionaries working in the mission home) in our district, so that's a blast. After, We did our favorite type of missionary work. The holding up signs saying "we speak English. Talk to me in English" trying to get more people to our English class. Today was the day I switched bikes again (don't ask it's a long detailed story) and ended up riding into the area with a flat tire. The ride ended up being an hour instead of 40 minutes. I wasn't too happy that night.

Wednesday: did some more 英会話伝道 (English class missionary work), and I actually got one more person to come to our class. He said he loved it and wanted to attend regularly! All that hard work of getting in people's faces with signs actually worked! We taught our main investigator, か やまさん, again and the lesson ended up being 2 hours and 45 minutes. We taught the restoration, but him and my companion were just debating points and I didn't have a clue what was going on. I basically just sat there for 2 hours being ignored by the investigator and my companion. I did my best to not be useless, but there was almost no pauses for 2 hours straight. Literally no room to try and talk. I was really frustrated and felt useless again. My companion also told me the lesson didn't go too great, so it wasn't the best moment of our week.

Thursday: normal Thursday. We have planning (3hours) so no 伝道 time. Taught Eikaiwa. Nothing too special

Friday: we went housing and found this huge apartment complex. It was 8 stories tall and had probably around 6 doors per floor. For Japan, that's a golden spot. Against elder birch's will, we made airplanes and threw them from the highest story. Mine went about 3 feet and dropped straight down. I'm talking 100% vertical. Elder birch's drifted for a bit. I think I'm losing my mind out here. I just realized I'm describing the route of paper airplanes we threw. Please send prayers. Haha. Ended up getting kicked out because it was a no soliciting, no missionary work kind of complex. I acted like I didn't know what the guy was saying. We call it the gaijin card, gaijin meaning foreigner. You just act all stupid like you don't understand Japanese. (I actually don't which is the problem) The guy was speaking simple Japanese, but legit thought I didn't understand, so Elder birch gave me up and told the guy I understood. So much for the power of foreigners.

Saturday: we met Peter! Oh boy Peter. We were doing English class 伝道 again, and Peter was talking to my companion for about an hour. We split up on different sides of the road, and I looked over and thought, "oh a white guy, I want to speak English. I'm sick of Japanese" I walked over and boy was that a mistake. He was an agnostic who, to say the least, trashed us. He was very respectful about everything, but just told us how Joseph smith clearly made up the Book of Mormon, and how all Mormons have the same "I prayed and received an answer that this church is true" experience. He kept saying it was too common and seemed fake. I even shared a personal experience about receiving an answer about the Book of Mormon, and he generalized my situation, saying "I've heard that story 100 times." That's when it started getting intense and I asked him some mind boggling questions leaving him in awe. He Told us about his dad, a baptist preacher, and how his dad thinks Mormons are of the devil. I wasn't having it with him. (That line was for you Gary). It was an interesting talk, because he always went back to psychology and how it's all science. He talked about how our religion matches up to other religions too much and there's always a pattern. Just seemed like he was denying everything religion has to offer. 
Sorry that was way scrambled and terrible English. I'm just trying to throw out what I remember.

Sunday: it started snowing. Yep my life is over. Winters are not nice here. No investigators came to church. One bailed out last minute. A member made us one of those face masks. (not sure what they're called) I'll send a shenanigan pic of it

Thanks everyone. Hope this email wasn't too boring, and as always, sorry it was long. I don't want to leave anything out. 

Hope everyone has a great week. Love you all!

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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