First case of frostbite

Alright once again my title is a bit deceiving. I do whatever it takes to get the attention of my fans. stay tuned!

Ok let's get to my amazing week.

Monday: we went shopping for P day at a mall. Went to a Jupiter, a store with imported foods from other countries. They had all sorts of American food I miss, but everything is way overpriced due to the fact they were imported. We made curry with our investigator みのるくん and asked if we could share a lesson. He said he had to shop, so he didn't have time. Not a complete waste of time, because we built a relationship, but our purpose of those cooking meal meetings is to share a message too. he knows that, so it was a bit frustrating.

Tuesday: we had another great DTM. First once as a new district. We have 4 Elders from 本部 (missionaries working in the mission home) in our district, so that's a blast. After, We did our favorite type of missionary work. The holding up signs saying "we speak English. Talk to me in English" trying to get more people to our English class. Today was the day I switched bikes again (don't ask it's a long detailed story) and ended up riding into the area with a flat tire. The ride ended up being an hour instead of 40 minutes. I wasn't too happy that night.

Wednesday: did some more 英会話伝道 (English class missionary work), and I actually got one more person to come to our class. He said he loved it and wanted to attend regularly! All that hard work of getting in people's faces with signs actually worked! We taught our main investigator, か やまさん, again and the lesson ended up being 2 hours and 45 minutes. We taught the restoration, but him and my companion were just debating points and I didn't have a clue what was going on. I basically just sat there for 2 hours being ignored by the investigator and my companion. I did my best to not be useless, but there was almost no pauses for 2 hours straight. Literally no room to try and talk. I was really frustrated and felt useless again. My companion also told me the lesson didn't go too great, so it wasn't the best moment of our week.

Thursday: normal Thursday. We have planning (3hours) so no 伝道 time. Taught Eikaiwa. Nothing too special

Friday: we went housing and found this huge apartment complex. It was 8 stories tall and had probably around 6 doors per floor. For Japan, that's a golden spot. Against elder birch's will, we made airplanes and threw them from the highest story. Mine went about 3 feet and dropped straight down. I'm talking 100% vertical. Elder birch's drifted for a bit. I think I'm losing my mind out here. I just realized I'm describing the route of paper airplanes we threw. Please send prayers. Haha. Ended up getting kicked out because it was a no soliciting, no missionary work kind of complex. I acted like I didn't know what the guy was saying. We call it the gaijin card, gaijin meaning foreigner. You just act all stupid like you don't understand Japanese. (I actually don't which is the problem) The guy was speaking simple Japanese, but legit thought I didn't understand, so Elder birch gave me up and told the guy I understood. So much for the power of foreigners.

Saturday: we met Peter! Oh boy Peter. We were doing English class 伝道 again, and Peter was talking to my companion for about an hour. We split up on different sides of the road, and I looked over and thought, "oh a white guy, I want to speak English. I'm sick of Japanese" I walked over and boy was that a mistake. He was an agnostic who, to say the least, trashed us. He was very respectful about everything, but just told us how Joseph smith clearly made up the Book of Mormon, and how all Mormons have the same "I prayed and received an answer that this church is true" experience. He kept saying it was too common and seemed fake. I even shared a personal experience about receiving an answer about the Book of Mormon, and he generalized my situation, saying "I've heard that story 100 times." That's when it started getting intense and I asked him some mind boggling questions leaving him in awe. He Told us about his dad, a baptist preacher, and how his dad thinks Mormons are of the devil. I wasn't having it with him. (That line was for you Gary). It was an interesting talk, because he always went back to psychology and how it's all science. He talked about how our religion matches up to other religions too much and there's always a pattern. Just seemed like he was denying everything religion has to offer. 
Sorry that was way scrambled and terrible English. I'm just trying to throw out what I remember.

Sunday: it started snowing. Yep my life is over. Winters are not nice here. No investigators came to church. One bailed out last minute. A member made us one of those face masks. (not sure what they're called) I'll send a shenanigan pic of it

Thanks everyone. Hope this email wasn't too boring, and as always, sorry it was long. I don't want to leave anything out. 

Hope everyone has a great week. Love you all!

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)


This week flew and many changes

Hello everyone! I just finished my first transfer, so I have a lot to cover. Sorry I think this will be a long one.

Monday: went shopping at this huge mall. Can't remember the name because it was in kanji and I still can't read kanji. I bought this sick new watch as a sort of congratulating myself on being awesome like always. Later that night we met at the church with and investigator and made dinner together. We then watched a conference talk with him and he really seemed to like it.

Tuesday: I got a freaking package!!! I was stoked! Shout out to my parents and siblings. The new transfer started Thursday and our apartment is the one a lot of people stay in as they head down to the transfer spot. We had two others elders stay over and it was nice having more than two people over. No room for silence

Wednesday: we had 4 people stay over and it was one of the most fun nights here. One missionary was going home (what we call dying) so he gave me advice and really motivated me to give it my all. We also taught a lesson to our #1 investigator かたやまさん. We taught the plan of salvation and he responded really well. At one point I got pretty mad because he speaks hard Japanese and we struggle a lot teaching him. He read our testimonies in a Book of Mormon I gave him and he made fun of my writing and little mistakes I made. I straight told him I can write it in English next time. I was pissed cuz I'm busting my tail in Japanese and he's making fun of the mistakes I make, plus he doesn't talk to me because I still can't speak very well. Just the lack of respect kind of built up, and I just let it out. Thinking about it now though, I need to do better at letting things go and realize I'm going to get that a lot. I can't expect too much out of my language wise at this point.

Thursday: went to the transfer spot and met a bunch of missionaries transferring all over Hokkaido. I also saw some of what we call kohai (the people we met in the MTC 6 weeks behind us) it's a good feeling not being the worst or the youngest anymore tbh.

Friday: we met a less active ただの兄弟 and we got him to leave his apartment and talk with us and the sisters at the church. First time he's left the apartment In a couple months I think. He has depression, but we got him out and he ended up going to church on Sunday too. I think it's the sister's power. They just have this charm elders don't have. We call it 姉妹の力 (The Power of Sisters) [sorry for the Japanese look it up]. We also met another "investigator" who was kind of, not really progressing. I never met him, my companion found him and taught him on splits. He basically self dropped

Saturday: we went to a super busy street and did eikaiwa dendo (English class missionary work). We split up so that I took one side of the sidewalk and my companion took the other. That way, we could literally talk to everyone. I gave out close to 100 flyers, so I'm really praying people show up. It's funny to look at people clearly see you and act like they're not looking. You know they try really hard not to look at you. I loved getting up in people's business and make bikers stop their bikes so they didn't hit me. I even ran next to a couple bikers and yelled in my broken Japanese to come to our class. Was a ton of fun

Sunday: we have a new "bean" (new missionary) in my area! She's super cool and from California, so she's already killing it in my eyes. Again, nice not being the rookie anymore (I know I still am. Let me dream a little okay?) we had another meal and practice lesson at a member's house. I finally learned some new gnarly kanji. I learned how to write shinktoni (新琴似) my area, and Hokkaido  (海道) my island. It's harder than it looks I promise. I study it and then forget it 5 minutes later.

Sorry for another long email. I really hope they're touching your lives a little. This gospel is slowly shaping me into a new, better person. I can't express how grateful I am to be serving the people of Japan. I have truly found a personal testimony for the Book of Mormon and this gospel. Thank you to everyone who actually reads these and has helped me get to where I am now.

Hope everyone kills it this week

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  謝意人長老 (Elder Scheidt)


Learning how to fly

First let me start of by saying I read my email after I sent it last week. I made a typo in the most awkward spot. I meant to say REACTIVELY members not DEACTIVATE them. We good? Thank you!

Hello everybody! I'm not sure if my emails are less boring when I give a day to day rundown, or just what I think of when I'm typing. That being said I'll do a little of both today, and if I could get some feedback that would be great!

So the weather here is starting to live up to its notorious name. We are called the "frozen chosen" to say the least. It's getting super windy and is raining like crazy. Apparently that never happens here, but in less than a month I should be doused in snow. In the words of another elder In my district, who also happens to be one of the APs "when winter comes here, your life is over" (ホン長老). I'm not exactly thrilled for that time because it will be like that for the next 8 months, but it'll be a new adventure for sure. Yeah you read that right. I'm closer to Russia than Tokyo, so it snows 8/12 months here.

Now I'll describe the title... Earlier in the week elder birch and I were walking back to our apartment with the winding blowing on our backs. Out of nowhere this huge burst of wind hit and I literally got taken off my feet and flew 10 feet forward. Now I weigh about 165 and my companion is lighter, so I don't know how he wasn't even affected, but I legit flew. The winds are annoying because when you're biking and pedaling as hard as you can and not moving, it takes forever to get somewhere. Anyways, I think everyone should try to flew. 10/10 would do again.

Here's the breakdown of the week. It'll be shorter than last weeks breakdown don't worry:

Monday: went to the zoo for P day. Nothing different than an American zoo really. Only difference is the animals understand more Japanese than me. Ha not kidding

Tuesday: we had a zone training meeting and it was really spiritual. Sorry don't remember a whole ton about it. After that, we had an appointment with a new investigator we have. He's really indifferent about everything in life, so he's not leaving a ton of room for the spirit to work. we talked to him for 2 hours, and I didn't pick up a single sentence he said. Even my companion (a year out now) couldn't understand. And we were searching through our dictionaries trying to figure out what he was saying. My companion didn't leave any room for me to speak, so I sat there silent for 2 whole hours without a clue. I was pretty pissed after to be honest, because the investigator would look at me and basically make funny of me saying "good morning" or just wave up in my face. Plus, my companion didn't let me speak, so I felt really useless. It wasn't a complete failure though, because we committed him to pray. plus, it's not about me, so I need to stay more positive.

Wednesday: We did some Eikaiwa dendo (the English class we teach) and we made signs that said "speak to me in English" and another that said "do you like English?" We walked through a park of 2000 kids and they swarmed us. It was frustrating because I couldn't understand their Japanese. Little kids use really impolite Japanese that I haven't studied at all yet. We gave out probably over 100 flyers, but no one came except the usual 2 people we have.

Thursday: we finished area book! That means two more hours of what we call dendo, which just means actual missionary work outside the apartment. However, today we didn't leave the apartment until 5ish because of weekly planning meetings that last 3-4 hours.

Friday: we visited one of our investigators さわださん (sawada San), who we haven't visited since the first week I was in Japan. He seemed really down, and didn't really want to talk about our message. He's an interesting guy, and pretty hard to describe. Basically just a ton of health problems that he needs to focus on, and we're trying to show our message can give him comfort. Before we left I asked him to pray everyday this week and he committed. I didn't want to be completely useless before we left his apartment. We'll see what comes out of it.

Saturday: since I'm in Japan we get to watch conference a week later than everyone else. Don't ask why I haven't gotten an answer either yet. It was so awesome though. I agree with the other missionaries who say they got more out of it than they ever have. I watched all of Saturday and priesthood session. I'll share a little insight later on. We watched it in another ward with other missionaries who watched it in English.

Sunday: after sleeping over at the mission home so we could catch a ride over to conference, we watched the Sunday session. It was so inspiring and the spirit was seriously like nothing I've ever felt before. I know without a doubt that those men are called of God. I got pretty scared when Thomas S. Monson was leaning on the podium and Uchtdorf had to help him sit down, however he didn't cut his talk short. He was willing to use every last breath he had to share a message he knows to be true.

Dang every email turns out long sorry, but I hope that you learn something from every email I send. One thing I really notice a lot in conference was how God sees us on how we can become. I know other people have talked about this in their emails, but I really felt touched by that. God wants us to be the best we can and he looks at our potential rather than solely what we are now. I also enjoyed Elder Holland's talk about mothers. And just want to say thank you to my mom, and the other moms out there. You truly do make the difference. Don't get discouraged dad... Love you too

Japan is still awesome and I'm still struggling, but that's almost become normal now. I'm not expecting to be fluent any time soon, or even say what I want any time soon so don't get your hopes up. I appreciate all the blessings I have, and I know without a speck of doubt that this is the true restored gospel. Love you all and hope you have a great week

Elder Scheidt

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー 謝意人 長老 (Elder Scheidt)


not a single lesson


hope everyone had a great week. I'll get right into my week!

Monday: we stayed inside our mission home basically the whole day and did a big zone activity. our zone is 20 something people so we had a ton of fun. We played this weird Japanese card game really similar to mafia, but I still don't understand the language so I didn't have a clue what was going on. The only thing I knew was I was the killer, but everyone killed me off 2nd round. Funny thing is I didn't know that I died for a while. Later that day we visited a member who is in a wheelchair living in a hospital. It's good to visit him because he doesn't get much of an opportunity to get to church or see a lot of people outside of the hospital. Good feeling to brighten his day a little.

Tuesday: we had a district meeting about faith. It hit me so hard. I got thinking about why I'm on a mission right now. It's because of my faith. This mission is so hard that I can say with 100% if I didn't have faith in this gospel I wouldn't be here right now. I would've went home a long time ago without my faith. (No brother Connell I haven't taught the faith cycle yet). We did a little housing (going door to door) and it was pouring rain. It surprises me how hard it's been raining here. We had the usual 40 minute ride to the area getting covered in rain. Everyone that came to the door (not very common) felt super bad for us. They acted interested just because of how sorry they felt.

Wednesday: I had an interview with my mission president 中塚会長 (Nakatsuka kaicho) and I was sweat straight bullets. Idk why, but when I got called in I was way nervous. It was basically a get to know you and I explained how I want to be the best missionary this mission has ever seen. He shared with me Ether 12:6 about faith. And I shared Alma 36:3! Everyone look them up. I don't care if you think it's weird or you're not a Mormon. Try it! What's the worst that can happen? I don't see any harm coming from it. Sorry, anyway it was awesome to just talk with him because he's never around and is always busy moving all over Hokkaido.

[Ether 12:6 "And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith."] 

[Alma 36:3 "And now, O my son Helaman, behold, thou art in thy youth, and therefore, I beseech of thee that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me; for I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day."]

Thursday: didn't leave the apartment until 5:30ish because of doing stupid 2 hours of area book. Since we got iPads pretty recently, we have to input all the records written in paper from past missionaries. I finish probably 1 or 2 in the 2 hours we get. It's not hard, just very tedious and I want to get out and actually teach. It was my one month mark and my companion's one year mark of being in Japan....we celebrated with this bakery we love called Boston Bake. Exciting right? At Eikaiwa (English class) we actually had 2 people this week!!!! Alright! All time high for me! I talked with the new person and ended up asking for his number to practice English (really low key trying to build a relationship and share some of the gospel we have to offer). We'll see if he keeps coming to class.

Friday: we went to visit a less active member くまがい兄弟 (Brother Kumagai) he didn't answer, but that day I really felt something. I feel like because of the little success we've been having, our purpose at least for this transfer is to deactivate less active members. The mission isn't only for people who haven't heard our message. We then housed a little more in the pouring rain. Stupid me didn't wear a hood, so some nice lady felt bad and just gave me an umbrella. That was nice.

Saturday: it was another elder's birthday so we only had until 7 to go to work, before we went out to a restaurant to celebrate. We ended up getting no work done, because we planned to play tennis with some people we met earlier in the week. Simple way to build a trust and some sort of relationship. Companion's idea not mine. They didn't show up, so we went straight into sport's night where we played basketball for 2 hours. A ton of fun, but I want to actually do missionary work too.

Sunday: we got 2 referrals from this little old lady さと姉妹(Sister Sato). She invited us to go into a room with her and another ward member to sit in a circle and pray about these people. We sat in a circle of four and one by one prayed specifically about these two referrals out loud, in Japanese of course. We prayed about what we should do, when we should teach them, and what they need. Basically for some sort of guidance. The spirit was way strong in that room. Overwhelmingly strong. We did it for both people, so there were 8 prayers in about 15 minutes. Awesome experience of the week. Housing later that night was low success again. I think I was 0/7 the first 10 minutes. Once people hear "イエスキリスト(Jesus Christ) they say.. I'm good and just shut off the speaker we're speaking to, or just walk away.

Overall, this week we haven't done very much work outside of the apartment. The extra hour of the first 12 week training and the extra 2 hours of area book take up a lot of time. Right now we're cooking through both though, so hopefully near week 8 or 9 we'll have more time to do stuff. This week was so unsuccessful that I didn't even teach a single lesson or really talk to anyone about our message It's rough. Really rough, but I know the lord has a plan for me, and these rough spots will sharpen me a lot into the person God wants me to become.

Sorry for the long emails, but I don't want to be another boring, vague email in your spam or trash folder again. Love you all. I enjoy the emails. Love to hear from some of you from back home (cough cough Sohiksih)

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー 謝意人 長老 (Elder Scheidt)