Learning how to fly

First let me start of by saying I read my email after I sent it last week. I made a typo in the most awkward spot. I meant to say REACTIVELY members not DEACTIVATE them. We good? Thank you!

Hello everybody! I'm not sure if my emails are less boring when I give a day to day rundown, or just what I think of when I'm typing. That being said I'll do a little of both today, and if I could get some feedback that would be great!

So the weather here is starting to live up to its notorious name. We are called the "frozen chosen" to say the least. It's getting super windy and is raining like crazy. Apparently that never happens here, but in less than a month I should be doused in snow. In the words of another elder In my district, who also happens to be one of the APs "when winter comes here, your life is over" (ホン長老). I'm not exactly thrilled for that time because it will be like that for the next 8 months, but it'll be a new adventure for sure. Yeah you read that right. I'm closer to Russia than Tokyo, so it snows 8/12 months here.

Now I'll describe the title... Earlier in the week elder birch and I were walking back to our apartment with the winding blowing on our backs. Out of nowhere this huge burst of wind hit and I literally got taken off my feet and flew 10 feet forward. Now I weigh about 165 and my companion is lighter, so I don't know how he wasn't even affected, but I legit flew. The winds are annoying because when you're biking and pedaling as hard as you can and not moving, it takes forever to get somewhere. Anyways, I think everyone should try to flew. 10/10 would do again.

Here's the breakdown of the week. It'll be shorter than last weeks breakdown don't worry:

Monday: went to the zoo for P day. Nothing different than an American zoo really. Only difference is the animals understand more Japanese than me. Ha not kidding

Tuesday: we had a zone training meeting and it was really spiritual. Sorry don't remember a whole ton about it. After that, we had an appointment with a new investigator we have. He's really indifferent about everything in life, so he's not leaving a ton of room for the spirit to work. we talked to him for 2 hours, and I didn't pick up a single sentence he said. Even my companion (a year out now) couldn't understand. And we were searching through our dictionaries trying to figure out what he was saying. My companion didn't leave any room for me to speak, so I sat there silent for 2 whole hours without a clue. I was pretty pissed after to be honest, because the investigator would look at me and basically make funny of me saying "good morning" or just wave up in my face. Plus, my companion didn't let me speak, so I felt really useless. It wasn't a complete failure though, because we committed him to pray. plus, it's not about me, so I need to stay more positive.

Wednesday: We did some Eikaiwa dendo (the English class we teach) and we made signs that said "speak to me in English" and another that said "do you like English?" We walked through a park of 2000 kids and they swarmed us. It was frustrating because I couldn't understand their Japanese. Little kids use really impolite Japanese that I haven't studied at all yet. We gave out probably over 100 flyers, but no one came except the usual 2 people we have.

Thursday: we finished area book! That means two more hours of what we call dendo, which just means actual missionary work outside the apartment. However, today we didn't leave the apartment until 5ish because of weekly planning meetings that last 3-4 hours.

Friday: we visited one of our investigators さわださん (sawada San), who we haven't visited since the first week I was in Japan. He seemed really down, and didn't really want to talk about our message. He's an interesting guy, and pretty hard to describe. Basically just a ton of health problems that he needs to focus on, and we're trying to show our message can give him comfort. Before we left I asked him to pray everyday this week and he committed. I didn't want to be completely useless before we left his apartment. We'll see what comes out of it.

Saturday: since I'm in Japan we get to watch conference a week later than everyone else. Don't ask why I haven't gotten an answer either yet. It was so awesome though. I agree with the other missionaries who say they got more out of it than they ever have. I watched all of Saturday and priesthood session. I'll share a little insight later on. We watched it in another ward with other missionaries who watched it in English.

Sunday: after sleeping over at the mission home so we could catch a ride over to conference, we watched the Sunday session. It was so inspiring and the spirit was seriously like nothing I've ever felt before. I know without a doubt that those men are called of God. I got pretty scared when Thomas S. Monson was leaning on the podium and Uchtdorf had to help him sit down, however he didn't cut his talk short. He was willing to use every last breath he had to share a message he knows to be true.

Dang every email turns out long sorry, but I hope that you learn something from every email I send. One thing I really notice a lot in conference was how God sees us on how we can become. I know other people have talked about this in their emails, but I really felt touched by that. God wants us to be the best we can and he looks at our potential rather than solely what we are now. I also enjoyed Elder Holland's talk about mothers. And just want to say thank you to my mom, and the other moms out there. You truly do make the difference. Don't get discouraged dad... Love you too

Japan is still awesome and I'm still struggling, but that's almost become normal now. I'm not expecting to be fluent any time soon, or even say what I want any time soon so don't get your hopes up. I appreciate all the blessings I have, and I know without a speck of doubt that this is the true restored gospel. Love you all and hope you have a great week

Elder Scheidt

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー 謝意人 長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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