Almost Christmas Baby

Quick breakdown I'm running low on time:

Monday: I bought a guitar for 10$. Now after planning I can do
something because I swear I give up on Japanese. Jk sometimes I just
need a break. Check on the capo I made. Think I should change my major
to engineering!

Tuesday: had English class and it was my idea to make something nice
for one of our students. He always brings us a snack before class, so
i told elder Rees we should do something for him. Made him cookies and
he was really grateful. He told me later in the week that he ate them
all that night. They were too good to sit in his house!

Wednesday: we went to the church with the sisters (both Japanese) to
help them with a lesson. Ended up spending 2 hours talking about life
and then going on to eat for another 2 hours. We had 8 hours to go do
missionary work, but because of that we had almost no time that day.
Had to go back and do the rest of our study. Eventually got out and
did housing with no success. Kind of a bummer of a day

Thursday: we had our weekly planning session (dkk= 同僚計画会) and another
English class in another area. Every Thursday we teach higashi Eikaiwa
because all the missionaries there are Japanese and we advertise the
class as 100% American English teaching.

Friday: went on splits in higashi with a Japanese missionary. Spent
the whole day going hard! We took one tiny break and I've never walked
so much in my life. It was also good practice for my Japanese. I only
speak Japanese when I'm with a Japanese missionary.

Saturday: we held an activity at the church (shogi-> Japanese version
of chess/ ping pong / and this game called majangu-> way to confusing
to describe)
A ton of people came and I got to meet some less actives and just some
friends from Eikaiwa. I spent most of the time playing ping pong.
Japanese people are freaking so good. Don't worry dad, I dominated the
night though!

Sunday: President Nakatsuka came to our church, and boy I was so
nervous. I just felt like everything I was doing was wrong. He's such
a cool guy, but I was trying extra hard so he would be proud of me.
Sucking up to its finest. Jk I was just trying to show that I'm
working hard. We also we to a resting home and sang Christmas hymns in
Japanese. Awesome to watch the really old people brighten up.

The ward here is so awesome! Since its Christmas season, they really
wanted to show their love for the missionaries. I'll show a picture of
all of their charity. I'm seriously about to get soooo fat!

Success right now is really absent. We taught only 3 lessons all week
and it's really hard, but I'm doing my best to show my faith. Right
now we have 2 investigators who just need more faith! They aren't
progressing but believe our message is true! Really hard, but please
keep them in your prayers

Hope everyone has an awesome week and a Merry Christmas! I'm excited
for my first Christmas in Japan. Never forget the true meaning!

Love you all

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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