First Week at the MTC

Konnichiwa mina san! Watashitachi wa matsujitsui seito iesu kirisuto kyokai no senkyoshi desu.
(Hello everyone. I am missionary from the church of Jeus Christ of Latter Day Saints.)

Well I made it a whole week, which I guess some of you didn't think I'd do. Yes Dallin, I made it more than two days here. I guess now that I've been here more than 2 days I can go home now.
Nah I'm just kidding.

This first week has been unbelievably busy. Immediately after being dropped off and taken to my room by my host, my companion (Elder Sawka) and I got taken to an orientaion.We seriously didn't even have 2 minutes to sit down and unpack our bags. After being welcomed to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) by everyone we walked by, we went to our first class. Our teacher, Carlyle Sensei, only talked in Japanese the whole 3 hours, and I didn't know any going in, so I was about ready to pack up and go home right then and there. In my room is what is known as a district, consisting of 5 sisters (shimaitachi) and 5 elders (chorotachi). I love each and every person in my district. Everyone is really nice, but a lot of them had Japenese expeience, which you could imagine was frustrating. I started off pretty behind, but I caught up pretty fast and am getting it really well now. After the first two days I could say the phrase at the top of this email by memory. After the 3rd day, I could pray in Japanese. However, the prayers are the most simple prayers I have ever said. I basically say, "please bless my family, please bless the prophet, thankful for family, thankful for prophet, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. (Iesu Kirisuto no mina niyotte o-inro shimasu, amen)

Our schedule basically consists of waking up,  exercising, eating, and then 3 hours of class only taught in Japenese. Then eating again, and 3 more hours of Japanese. After eating for the last time, we have personal study, companion study, and language study for 3 more hours. The first 3 days are apparently the hardest days of the MTC, and boy can I attest to that. Nevertheless, I can see how much easier it is getting just after the first week. I'll be honest and say that after the first two days I really wanted to go home. I was being very selfish and wanting to be home with all of my stuff. Now I can truly say I am happy to be here and am very excited to give up 2 years of my life to preach the gospel I love.

This place is the most spiritual place I have ever been to in my life (besides the temple). I have learned so much and can see myself growing every day. There are so many pretty girls here in the MTC, so I have to constantly remind myself that I am here to serve The Lord, and not lose focus on my purpose. It isn't easy, but it is getting easier the more I am here.

I constantly see people that I know from BYU. It seems like my whole ward back at school is here with me right now, or have been here and already left. I live in the same building and floor as Elder Schmidt. We're only 3 doors down from each other. I see Elder Hiatt all the time too becuase he is going to Korea and is basically on the same schedule. Plus, he is the floor above me in our classroms. For those who are not part of the faith I believe in, I am going to be in this training center for 9 weeks because I am learning an Asian language. That being said, I probably won't be in Japan until the end of September Before I even got here, I thought that I would be studying Japanese all day every day. However, we find a good balance to read the scriptures and study the gospel more than I ever have in my whole life. I was challenged in my priesthood session to read the whole Book of Mormon while here at the MTC. In just two days I read 70 pages. I kind of slowed down after that, but it is amazing how much I feel the spirit and love what I am doing.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to find people in Japan and teach them the thing that makes me the most happy in the world. I can truly say that I was called to Sapporo, Japan for a reason, and know that I was foreordained by God. This gospel makes me so happy and I don't know where I would be without it.

I would love it if some of you guys would email me individually. Feel free to ask me anything at all. Thank you to all who read this and to all those who have helped me become the person I am today

Love you guys,

Elder Scheidt (Scheidt Choro)

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