Hello friends and family! (こんいちわ)

This week has been crazy to say the least. I have some great stories that will be shared below. 

I had to say goodbye to some good friends this week. Elder Hiatt and Elder Orndorf who left for Korea, and Elder Schmidt who left for Brazil. My experience here at the MTC has been one to remember. I am constantly expressing my gratitude to the Lord and to the people who got me here.

The Japanese is coming along, but I definitely have a long ways to go. There is this girl in my district (class) who has had a lot of Japanese background before coming in. She already graduated college and knows a ton of Japanese. She said this to the whole class: "It's okay that you guys are behind, but you're not that behind. You probably only understand 10% of stuff and I understand 50%. So, I'm not that far ahead of you." Everyone was pissed off. I don't understand why she said it because everyone learns at their own pace, and she was just discouraging others. Now we just joke around with the comment and every time I answer something correctly I yell out: "LEVEL UP! IM NOW AT 12%!"

There was a fight in my room this week, but I think it was a good thing to clear things out this early on. Especially since we have 7 weeks left. Basically one elder said to my companion that his feet smelled terrible, and my companion got really offended. My companion pushed the other Elder and things escalated from there. I wasn't even there to see it, but when I came back to my room everyone was crying and I was so confused.

I learned a ton this week. I memorized the missionary purpose in Japanese, and I'm trying to learn it super fast so that I can impress the newbies coming in next week. Specifically, my brother in law's brother Jaron Molen (IDK how to spell his name). I also learned two of the 40 character alphabets that we have to learn on our own. Yes thats right! The annoying little letter things. Those Japanese characters all look the same and it seriously took me forever to learn them. Apparently the third alphabet is most prominent in Japan, and that alphabet has over 50,000 existing characters. I think i'll just learn 5. 

We had some awesome devotionals this week and even broadcasted Elder Packer's funeral. It was such a sad, but spiritual experience for everyone that watched it. Everyone that doesn't know who that is, google him. He was such an inspiring man. 

Thank you to everyone who emailed me and keeps me in their prayers. I'm loving my experience out here and can see how much I've grown. I attached some pictures below of the shenanigans I've been pulling since I've been here.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Scheidt (シャイトチョロ)

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