4 more days and I'm out!!!!!!

Hello everyone!

I'm so close to leaving this place, and I could not be more excited. Don't get me wrong the MTC is awesome, but if you're here more than 6 weeks you're going to lose it one way or another.
I lost my mind around week 7. Don't believe me? Here's some proof:

1) What did I do on Monday during language study? I spent over an hour looking for a bouncy ball another Elder in my district lost in a garden. People kept coming over and asking what we lost and asked if we needed help. (Lol they thought we lost something serious) I'll let you decide how awkward that got when we told them it was our bouncy ball.

2) Some of the Elders and I spent 2 hours during class playing "ring battles" Basically we all have CTR (choose the right) rings, and we spin them like a top on top of a sort of bowl shaped chair. The one that spins the longest wins. Ilike to think of it as missionary beyblades.

3) The last example is probably my favorite. My room spent about an hour just this last night laughing before bed. No need to re-read that sentence. Yes, I said laughing. We have to be in bed, lights out, at 10:30. We all were, and then we proceeded to take turns making weird laughs until 11:30. No need to go into more detail.

That enough evidence for you?

Other than the fact that I'm completely insane, this last week has been one to remember. We finished teaching all of our practice investigators yesterday, so we're basically done until we leave. My companion is still difficult, but I'm learning a lot on how to get along with people. That being said, I'm very ready to get a new companion and do real work.

We got revised travel plans just a couple days ago, and guess who's in charge of the 11 people in my district? Yep, I think it's a mistake too, but I'm excited to be in charge. I think this district leader power is starting to get to my head a little. Eh, oh well.

My next email will be from Japan, so get excited! That seriously just blows my mind. I'm so blessed to be teaching Japanese people. I constantly hear that Japan is one of the best missions, because of how nice the Japanese people are to the missionaries. I'm so excited, but I'm also so comfortable here, and know I won't be in Japan. Oh well, everyone has to go through it eventually, and it's now my turn. 

I know that most, if not all of you, only read my emails for the awesome, infamous "shenanigans pictures" that I share. No need to worry. I'll come through this week.

Thank you for all of the prayers and all of the emails. I really appreciate everyone who shows their support for me. It's not easy to give up everything you have for 2 years.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Scheidt

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