Transfers! This transfer I am......

November 22, 2015

Sorry about deceiving once again. We actually don't get transfer calls until tomorrow morning. Soooooo, you won't know if I'm staying or going, get a Japanese companion or not, until next Monday.

This week was great, but after our meeting with the mission coordinator at church, I realized we barely got anything done. I made it a goal to work harder than I ever have this next transfer. I know if I do that, the Lord will bless me more than i would ever believe.

So last Monday we were going curling for P day. Took the subway down and it was closed. Bit disappointing, but we did some shopping and I bought this sick Japanese shirt. Just kidding it's a billabong long sleeve, sorry mom.

Tuesday I did splits with an elder from the mission home, and had to go back to the apartment around 5 because his phone died and he needs it because he works in the mission home. We basically spent the rest of the night practice teaching in Japanese, and it was really helpful.

Wednesday we went to ishikari (if you read my other emails---> where all the members in my area live, 1 1/2hr away from our apartment, where we got ridiculously lost last week. Well this week was better. We had a meal and shared a short message about trials. I shared a personal experience about how my grandma's death right before my mission was hard, but through prayer I received a lot of comfort. It was a really meaningful lesson to me. We then heartattacked that family, and another family because they always do so much for the missionaries

Thursday was normal. 4 hours of planning and teaching Eikaiwa. Could've been my last time teaching my favorite student :( he's Japanese, and is fluent in English with an Australian accent. I always tell him I want to be him

Friday we held a movie night at the church watching "finding faith in Christ" we had our main Progressing Investigator (かたやまさん) show up, as well as the less active that has recently been coming to church again. We held a short testimony meeting after and the spirit was so strong. I really hope it touched かたやまさん's heart even just a little bit. I know it touched mine. Especially when the less active shared his conversion story and how he loves this church :) Unfortunately after this amazing activity, when walking to the subway with かたやまさん, my companion asked how he was doing with the word of wisdom. He said he's doing pretty well, but it's still tough. My companion explained how he was down to 4 cigarettes this week, but かたやまさん thought he was at 3. Yep, just like last time he lit up right after an uplifting spiritual testimony meeting. It was a bit sad, but I'm staying positive.

Saturday we had zone conference from 9-4. We had the privilege to hear workshops from the APs, as well as the mission president, and his wife. They were freaking amazing!!! It made me ponder what I'm doing right now, and really evaluate how I can be a better, more effective missionary. There are a lot of things I can change and I'm working really hard to be better at exactly obedient. It's so easy to just rationalize that no one I'll know, or it really won't make a difference. I'm going to change a lot of things and I know the lord will bless me for my effort.

Sunday we had normal church. かたやまさん came because we explained how one of us is leaving on Thursday. So he showed up, we talked, and we walked in class and noticed he was gone. He dipped out when we were walking in class :( lol I felt stupid for not noticing. We also had a fireside about the Sapporo temple. They showed us pictures, described what's currently being done, etc... I could barely understand because the speakers's Japanese was fast, so i was basically like a little kid reading a book only for the pictures. We had a meal at the members house and they made lasagna just for me, and sushi as well, just for my companion. Lasagna is rarely made here, so I was stoked, and it really showed me that this family loves me. I'll be way sad if I transfer and never get to see them again.

Thankful for the blessings his church has brought me. This gospel is true I know it! I can't deny the feeling of the Holy Ghost testifying truth! I made it a goal to read the Book of Mormon every other transfer, and I've been reading a little bit every day since I went into the MTC. It's true! Don't believe me? Read it and then we can talk about it. This is God's church once again restored by Joseph Smith.

Love you all

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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