November 29, 2015

First: it snowed sooooooooooooo much on Wednesday! This mission is the snowiest mission in the world, and it definitely live up to the name of frozen chosen. The roads are covered in snow and it's freaking so piled up.

Sooooooo I transferred on Thursday. I've been in my new area, SHINORO since Thursday. My new companion is ......... Elder Rees. So this last transfer call was a little weird. My new companion Elder Rees was my trainer (elder birch)'s MTC companion. On top of that, my MTC companion transferred to my old area in SHINKOTONI. On top of that the SHINORO area is where one of my friends (shout out to Askew ) was being trained. My MTC companion is living the exact same life I lived for 12 weeks and is sleeping in my bed every night. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

Time to break down

Sunday: had a meal at a member's house because everyone in my ward thought my companion was leaving this transfer. I showed some family pictures and get this.... I show a picture of my dad to the family, and the mom (probably in her 40s) sees it and says, "WOW! Ikemen!" For those of you that don't know: definition: lovely, dreamy, beautiful, great. Didn't know my dad still had that much game.

Tuesday: got our transfer calls, so we're pretty pumped all day. The mission president told me my hair was too long, and it looked bad to transfer with hair that long. He said I couldn't go waste time and go to a barber and seemed pretty disappointed. Later That night, I cut my own hair and it looks freaking hot! Like Hot Dang! I'll attach a picture for all my fans out there.

Wednesday: saw some miracles! I needed two referrals from random contacting to finish this program for missionaries in Japan called the Alma O Taylor. It has a bunch of requirements and is an awesome thing to accomplish. I've been working really hard to finish it before training was over, and this was the last day with two referrals to go. Prayed really hard and what do you know.....I finished it! It was truly am answer to my prayers. I was so happy, but left the area before we could contact the referrals.

Thursday: thanksgiving yep! Nope! Just housed all day and nobody fed us. moved to my new apartment in SHINORO. It's only 1-2 hours from my apartment in Shinkotoni, so I'm still in the city in Sapporo. My new companion is seriously so tight! We get along great. Weird thing is that I'm older than him. He left right out of high school, so he's on his 11th transfer (out of 16 in Japan). I'm older by a month and am on my 3rd transfer, idk it's really weird to me. Both my companions thus far have been 9th transfer and up, so I learn a lot from them.

Saturday: so first, we have really high goals for this transfer. We want to leave at 12 and return really late around 8 every day. Just over the past days, we have been working really hard and teaching a lot of lessons. I'm actually participating! Stoked baby!

Sunday: went to a members house after church and the member has 4 little kids ranging from 2-7. They're so cute and they just crawl all over you the whole time you are there. We got asked to give a blessing to a sick 16 old girl on the house, so I anointed the oil and elder Rees gave the blessing. Really awesome experience. Apparently giving blessings in this mission are not as common.

This transfer is going to be one to remember. Every night I'm super tired because we were running around all day, not going back to the apartment until we get one more lesson, etc...

I got really sick the past two days, so the walking around in freezing temperature is making matters worse. I don't want to lay in bed though, I want work hard!

The mission is getting better and better and my desire to work is getting more and more.

Thanks to everyone. Love you all! Send me some emails

Hope thanksgiving was good!

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Hiroyo Askew and my son Elder Askew and Elder Scheidt were in MTC together. I'm so happy that I found this blog and surprised to find out that Elder Scheidt is in my son's old area with Elder Rees!!! I hope his investigators are still going strong.

    I will come check on this blog once in a while since his emails are much better than my son's. (His is like only 5 sentences. LOL)

    Good luck Elder Scheidt!