Just show faith!

May 15, 2016

First off...... We got our transfer calls, and as expected we are
staying together. In this mission if you are training or being
trained, the norm is to stay together for 2. Not much of a surprise to
me haha

Hello everyone. To be honest, this week was a harder one for me.

Here is a little background to give you a picture.

We have tons of investigators, and actually numbers wise this week was
great. We found 7 new investigators! We taught over 10 lessons! Etc...
However, the actual situations behind the numbers are the most
important. Although we did find and teach a lot, most of the people we
taught are extremely weak right now and might not be the most prepared
during this time.

This week we tried visiting everyone. Members, investigators, less
actives, people from the area-book, old investigators, numbers in the
phone, etc...

It just seemed like no one was home and if they were home, they
couldn't meet because of how busy they were.
We have investigators we are really focusing on, but no one is really
progressing. This week I really saw why this area needs to pick up. It
made me think a lot about how to help this area, what's
effective/non-effective/why no one is progressing/........

All of the investigators we are focusing on have some sort of problem
and don't think they can fix it, which is why they have stunted their
progression. We talked a lot about how we can help this and if there
is one thing I have noticed this far on my mission it is this.
Everyone needs faith! It's short and simple, but provides a very
detailed meaning if one thinks it out thoroughly. All of our
investigators needs to rely on Christ and his atonement. It's
obviously easier said than done, but it's really hard to promise these
people blessings and watch them beat themselves up because of their
lack of confidence.

For now we are just trying to meet our investigators again. We are
trying to set up appointments and other methods of meeting. Hopefully
next week picks up again

I have faith in our Savior, and know that this last week was all part
of his plan. It's all on the Lord's timing, so we can't get
discouraged. We literally just need to give ourselves to the Lord and
do what he wants.

I'm learning so much out here and am learning to appreciate the hard
weeks as well as enjoy the easier ones. I hope everyone has an awesome
week and shout out to my little sister for turning 15 this last
Saturday. Love you!

Sorry this wasn't one of my more funny emails or detailed cool food,
miracle, etc... Emails, buttttttttt
Okay. Hope you all the best. Please email me questions or anything really

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[My comp. did get a haircut from one of our investigators. This isn't an ordinary haircut. In Japan, you get a haircut, your whole face shaved, eyebrows cleaned up, back massage, face massage, and head massage. I got to the point where I can cut my own hair now, but I want to go to him just for the experience for sure!]

 [On Saturday had a young men's activity. We basically have a ton of meat (A TON) and have rice, cook your own meat, and then eat it. We call it yakiniku.]

[A sister drew this for me. I love this little guy]

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