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May 8, 2016

So I get to call my family today on skype and don't really feeling
like putting in effort to email this week, so I'm sorry.

This week we did 2 splits in 3 days and boy was the traveling a lot.
We had to take a bus to the train station and then ride the train for
a while, and then walk to the apartment.
Train time = literally the only time it's okay to nap on the mission

We didn't get a whole ton of time in our area because of all the
traveling, so we didn't get to teach a lot of our investigators.

Something cool though: before going to the old folk's home on
Wednesday we found someone new. We showed up a little too early to the
old folks home (about 15 minutes) and it would've been way easy to
just go in and talk to old folk's home people for an extra 15 minutes,
but we are also here to do missionary work. We decided to house in the
tiny amount of time we had and we prayed about where to go and to
receive help. The very first house we knocked was someone who has
learned about Christ and Buddha and all sorts of religions. She also
said we can come back and I think she might have potential. Just a
nice tender mercy of the Lord.

It's been raining a lot here. That's your weather update.

It was my birthday on Saturday, and the sisters in my ward made an
awesome photo album. It seriously made my night because up to that
point on my birthday we didn't have a whole lot going for us. We had
taught 0 lessons and had a 3 hour planning session, and the weather
was bad, it was just hard mentally and physically. The sisters and
other people in my zone made that day really special.

Also, had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday. Up until now, all
the areas I have worked in are in the same stake (asahikawa). So, I
got to see a lot of old members from 8 months ago and actually talk to
them in correct Japanese they can understand. So awesome to see how
everyone is doing... Also awesome to hear my Japanese has improved
from people that actually noticed it and not just everyone in your
zone saying "you're so good" even if you suck. Haha

Ok that's it sorry, but I'll add a couple pictures. Ok bye bye love you all

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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