Pretty normal week

May 1, 2016

Honestly I don't know what to write about this week. Obviously, it
wasn't boring because missionary work is never boring and you're
always busy, but I can't seem to recall anything I really want to
write about.

On Saturday we spent basically the whole day with a family and a less
active. We went to a place called biei and ate at a famous restaurant,
etc... It was honestly just like a P day, but no one knew it would
take all day. The family just told us it was their family home evening
and it wouldn't be super long. The sisters weren't too happy that we
spent all day having fun, but we spent a good time with the less
active. His name is Brother Uchida, and I have seriously grown so
close to him since I came to suehiro. It's amazing to look back and
see how much he has progressed to coming back to church and watching
his testimony grow again is so awesome. I love him so much.

We also spent P day with some members going to an ice museum. We got
to see a bunch of cool frozen ice, and then went to this huge theater
like room and played this awesome piano on this massive stage.

Something cool I did this week was make inarizushi for the first time.
Look it up! It is seriously my newly discovered favorite food. I've
had it before and it's always been pretty good, but lately I've been
pounding it like its no one's business. I asked a member to teach me
how to make it, instead she bought all the ingredients (way expensive)
and dropped it off at our apartment. Shout out to minamide 姉妹. I put
way to much vinegar in and it basically ruined the inarizushi, but it
was a learning experience and I'm reading to take another go.

Missionary work was pretty slow. It seemed like not a lot of the
people we wanted to visit were home, so we taught some people who
aren't really progressing, and won't follow commitments. However, the
spirit was their and we still have faith, so it was a pretty
successful week.

Our baptismal date, tawaraya San didn't come to church because of work
and we figured out he has a problem with the law of chastity, which
could take a while to fix. He doesn't really have hope, and we are
trying to encourage him, but he is just really down on himself. Please
pray for him. He needs confidence and also needs to quit his job haha.

I'll send some cool pictures since this week's email was really typical.
Crazy In less than 2 months I will hit my year mark. I feel like I
just started this thing?

Love you all, have a good one

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[It's not snowing where we are working, but we traveled pretty far out for that "FHE" with the family. So freaking cold.]

 [My attempt at inarizushi.]

 [My companion's attempt haha.]

[Forgot to mention that my bike tire got punctured twice this week.
That made my life so hard holy cow!
Sorry mom it cost 50$ for a new tire]

 [Ice museum's stage]

 [Pretty waterfall in biei]

[Me before dinner]

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