Couldn't get aHEAD

June 5, 2016

First off, it's my mom's birthday on the 10th so shout out to her.
You're the best mom! I love you so much. Also my buddy Dallin hits his
year mark on the 10th, so shout out to him too!
If anyone else wants a shout out just let me know.

Honestly I don't have a ton to email about this week because I had a
migraine that didn't go away for about 4 or 5 days. It started earlier
in the week and I didn't really say anything about it to my companion
and kind of pushed through that day, but I went back that night in so
much pain. I was basically in constant pain until I fell asleep and
then when I woke up it was back. It was a really hard week for me

Some days I had to push through just to get to the appointments and
then once we got back my head hit the pillow faster than the time it
took for my companion to close the door behind us and walk in the

Butttttttttt don't worry because the week ended pretty good with one
of the best experiences I have had yet in Japan. One of my favorite
investigators cut my hair. He is such a G! He cut my companion's hair
a couple weeks back and it just made me want the experience so bad! I
learned how to cut my own hair pretty decent while being out on the
mission, but this experience was something that I recommend to

In Japan they not only cut your hair, but shave your face, massage
your face, massage your back, shave your neck, etc... It's amazing.
I'll send lots of pictures.

We then taught him a lot about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon.
His name is kitami San (北見さん) and he converted to Protestantism a
while back, but thinks we are trying to get rid of his bible and throw
in a Book of Mormon. We taught him about how it is ANOTHER testament
of Christ and how we study both together to complement each other. We
said the same thing in the past, but I think he was actually listening
this time because he seemed to really understand what we were saying
and also committed to read from the Book of Mormon. After all, reading
from the Book of Mormon does bring us closer to Christ. We know he
loves Christ so during our companion study hour we prayed and searched
for scriptures that he would like relating to Christ. We then wrote
them on a piece of paper and handed it to him. He seemed pumped, so
hopefully things will starting speeding up from here.

Grateful to be out here and devoting two years of my life. Some might
see it as a burden to leave everything for 2 whole years, but the
longer I'm here the more I see it as a privilege to give back to our
loving Heavenly Father and his Beloved Son Jesus Christ. Love you all
bye bye

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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