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June 12, 2016

First thing is first. Shout out to Lizzy Mitchell from my home ward
giving her farewell this next week! Kill it and enjoy the MTC!

I don't know how to describe this week, but we had a zone conference
where the mission president, his wife, and his two assistants gave
workshops to us. I learned a lot and am pumped to go out and apply
what I learned.

I'm way low on time right now, but want to write about our
investigator tawaraya San. He's had a baptismal date 2 or 3 times now,
but because of his job on Sundays, he can't come to Church and just
has a low desire to come unto Christ. I've experience this situation
twice on my mission now and both times we try many things.
Try to get them to quit or talk to their boss
Pray for guidance
Share with the investigator 1nephi3:7 and promise them if they commit
to come God will make things work out

The first time I experienced this situation with an investigator not
being able to come to church, nothing  really came from what we tried.
Who knows why? Maybe it wasn't the Lord's timing, but that is okay.
This time we shared that scripture and promised tawaraya San that God
will help him if he shows faith.

Then.... He got way sick! We tried to meet him and he wouldn't answer
our calls, reply to our texts, if we want to his house he would open
the door and say "not today, go away" and close the door. We got
worried and honestly, we haven't met with him for over 55 days now.

But....He recovered (still a bit sick, but)... He came to church
yesterday and explained to me that he got a promotion in his job. Not
only will he be getting more money, but that adjusted his schedule
from 2 days off a week to 3 days off a week. Can anyone guess what the
third day he just got off is? Yep, that's right! It's Sunday! He
showed up and surprised both me and my companion and now I really
really really think he has the possibility of being baptized.

He does have some other problems that might be a process to help fix,
but besides that his desire is strong and he came to church by
himself! I was so pumped. We get transfer calls next Tuesday and one
of us is leaving for sure, and before I was more leaning to wanting to
transfer, but now that we have 1 investigator progressing I would be
stoked to get that call that I'm staying. Awesome experience!
Testimony builder for sure!

Hope everyone has a great week. Sorry my thoughts are all over the
place. Typing way faster than my head can think.

Love you

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[Our zone!]

[This meal with members from last week]

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