Transferred baby!

June 26, 2016

My dad requested me to say these: shout out to Eli Connell and Jackie
sanders for surviving 4 hard years at UC high.
Also, shout out to Chris Boyd for dating a good looking yoga
instructor. You can do it man!

So, I'm sick of my mass email taking over half of my email time, so
I'm probably going to be keeping it a lot shorter from here on out.

So..... I finished training last Thursday and I actually got
transferred back to Sapporo. I spent my first 4 transfers in Sapporo,
3 in the countryside (if you can even call it that) and returned back
to a place called Higashi.

It's way sick out here all ready. Back when I was in shinoro (my
second area) I had the opportunity to go on splits in Higashi 3 times.
That being said, before I even transferred I knew a bit about the
area, I knew how to get to the apartment, what the apartment looks
like, etc... I'm pretty pumped to be back in Sapporo again.

My companion is Elder Schulze and I actually knew him a bit before I
got my transfer call. We were in the same district a couple months
back and we actually did splits together once about 3 months ago. I'm
pumped to be working hard with him and something interesting.... He is
now my 5th companion from Utah. I've only had 7 companions, so I think
that's pretty crazy.

Honestly, the work right now is hard. Idk what the missionaries did
before I got here, but from what my companion has told me is that not
a whole lot of missionary work was getting down in the last 1 or 2
transfer. Sounds like he had a pretty hard time last transfer. Right
now the ward doesn't have the best image of the elders (they love the
sisters), but I'm not letting that get me down. I'm going to change
that in the next 2-3 weeks for sure. I know that this call was
honestly just a test/trial from God and he wants to see how I can
handle it.

When I first came here there were basically 1 or 2 investigators and
basically about 3 lessons at most being taught a week. Like I said I'm
not sure what went on here recently, but not a whole ton. Elder
Schulze and I sat down at our first planning session and just decided
to really light this area up. We did a ton of housing already and we
already found 5 new people that seemed to have a good amount of
interest. We taught a good amount of lessons and the people we taught
seemed to be receptive to what we were saying, so we have lots of
faith right now.

Shoot for those of you that don't know, Sapporo temple is finished!
The temple open house is from July 8th to July 23rd and I'm not sure
if we are going to be going down there or not, but I assume we will be
helping out a bit with the temple tours and stuff. Super stoked about

Anyway, not much to report. Hope my bean is doing okay taking over the
area after I left, and I'm really excited to rely fully on the Spirit
and watch what can happen to an area by giving your all.

Hope you all have a great week.

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[Eating with a less active a couple weeks back]

[Here's my new comp haha. I took the picture and he says "well, I can't show them my pretty side." Haha he's a goofy guy. Love him so much]

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