The temple open house!

Tuesday, July 5 2016

So because of a beloved friend who will remain nameless ( cough cough
Nathan) (I guess you could call that a shout out) this week I will
actually say my email is short and keep it short. (Shorter)
We all know I write "no time, so I'll keep it short" every week in the
beginning, and it ends up being a 10 page essay 12 point font, single

Sooooo.... Big news is about the temple. In Japan right now there are
temples in Fukuoka, Tokyo, and this Sapporo temple is the 3rd, so it's
a pretty big deal.

All of the sisters in this mission have been assigned to work the open
house (from the 8th to the 23rd) every day. Also, based on an
insufficient amount of workers, the Elders who are serving in Sapporo
right now get to go work the open house. I am way freaking blessed
transferring from asahikawa (pretty dang far from Sapporo) to Sapporo
in the one transfer we can work at the open house. It is probably one
of the coolest things I've done thus far in my life. Also, being able
to see some of my old companions and other missionaries has become a
lot more rare lately, so it's way fun to hang out with them again,

I already had the privilege this last week to help out for the people
who did construction and vip members who got to do a temple tour
before the open house even opened. I also had the privilege to go on a
tour after my first shift ended this last Monday. Oh yeah,
that's why I'm emailing today. Today is my P day and we will probably
do something fun idk...

Kk I'll basically be working at the temple for the next 3 weeks, so
I'll try and take pictures and my schedule recently has been kind of
all over the place, so yep.. Alright. Oh shoot! I also hit my year
mark thus far, so like my friend Dallin I want to do my yearly stats.

1 year
Baptisms- 0       
Companions- (including MTC) 7     
Times I've
trained- 1        
Areas- 4 (新琴似、篠路、末広、東)

Love you all

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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