Temple is awesome!

July 10, 2016

So.... I've been working at the temple basically 3 times a week for
the last little while and it is an awesome experience. However, that
being said nothing to in depth to talk or write about for this week's
email. I'll just talk about one spiritual thing and one of the
funniest things I've seen yet.

Spiritual: we had one of our investigators あずまやさん go on a temple tour
with us this last Friday! It was really a miracle. He's in his 70's
and getting him from his house to the church (5 minutes by walking
maybe even bike) isn't
Hard, but the 1 1/2 hours by subway was a bit of a stretch. We spent a
good amount of time on Thursday talking about the temple and made
plans to go together! We got to go on the tour with him and watch the
spirit work within him. I saw him feel the spirit a lot, and now we
are just working to help him recognize it more.

Funny experience: every Saturday in this area we have ping pong night
from 6-8. I was playing with a less active a bit just kind of of
friendly play, having a good conversation, etc... My comp decides to
become a barrier and lay on my side of the table. The ball kept
hitting him and it seemed like he wanted to lay there without being a
hindrance, so he decide to scoot in right next to the net. Now, these
tables that we use come in 2 parts. You basically just push them
together and put the net on. That being said, there was literally no
support whatsoever for the 190ish pounds he ways. All the sudden the
tables on both ends fly straight up and my companion straight drops to
the ground hard. The face he had when he realized the 2 ends were
rising and he was dropping was literally priceless. Anyway, bad
explanation but it's one of those things you had to be there to get.
Funny to watch me being the only one laughing and all the Japanese
people running to his rescue "are you okay?"
Guess the cultures are pretty different haha

The temple is awesome. I had the chance to go on splits withe one of
my old buddies from when I was a new missionary. We worked at the
celestial room and just opened the doors for people coming in and out.
But, the awesome part about it is that we got to spend lots of time in
the celestial room. I did lots of thinking and a lot of pondering of
the person I want to become before I go home. Awesome experience!

Love you all and hope you're doing well!

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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