Temple week

July 19, 2016

Hello everyone! So we worked the temple on Monday, so today is my P day.

Honestly not a whole ton to report on other than the temple.

We work there about 4 times a week and we do things like: tour guides,
ushers, doorkeepers, etc...
Lots of fun and the spirit is way strong there for sure. We have done
a tour with 2 investigators now, and we have 3 more appointments for
these next couple days, so please pray for us.

This week I've probably had the most awkward encounter in my life. We
were housing and this mom probably in her high 30s, low 40s came out
and talked to us. We were having a good time until she started
complimenting me and my comp. like crazy. First she called me and
ikemen (meaning hot or good looking) and then she called my companion
a "baby face." He got a little sad and she picked up on it really
quick and tried to play things off calling him an "ikemen baby" hahaha
that was definitely a first.
She talked a lot about her family and how she has 2 sons and is really
lonely because she is divorced and the kids are never home. She then
looks me dead in the eye and says "do you want to make a baby?" She
points inside and says "let's go right now!" now usually in these kind
of never-occurring awkward encounters I just kind of laugh, but the
look on her face was this (I'm serious and I'm lonely) look. We both
kind of panicked and couldn't get words out for a while , but
eventually told her no, never no, and then taught a bit about morals
Anyway, that experience was a first and hopefully a last.

We have just been pounding sushi, going to the temple, building
relationships with members, etc...

Life is good right now and we actually had one of our investigators
come to church this last week. Please pray for him. He's way old and
thinks he's too old to understand. His name is azumaya San. Freaking
love that guy

Kk have a great week everyone.

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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