Open house is over

July 24, 2016

So the privilege of working at the open house for 2 weeks ended last
Saturday, but boy was it fun and exhausting. I don't know why or how,
but just standing motionless for over 2 hours has a way of draining
your body more than when you are moving around.

We had 2 investigators come to the open house this last week and they
both seemed to enjoy it. It was awesome watching them in the celestial
room feel the spirit way strongly. One of our investigators told us
about the night and day difference she noticed when she entered and
exited the room. It's the spirit! Now we just need to help those
investigators recognize that was the spirit and boom!

This week we saw lots of tender mercies from the Lord. We had a decent
amount of time housing (knocking doors) and I just kept a prayer in my
heart to help us find someone to listen and someone that just gives
our message a chance. Well, sure enough we found 2 awesome people that
really listened and seemed to want to meet again. I have big hopes for
them for sure.

We have some people progressing, but it is very slow and no one is
willing to come to church. This week we made a goal to try and get
people to church trying every way possible. Church is such a good
blessing for so many reasons: they can meet members, need to go to
church to get baptized in the end, can learn more about Jesus Christ
at church than from 2 broken down Japanese speaking Americans, can
take the sacrament, etc...
The blessings are endless, and I feel if investigators start coming to
church, they will progress the most. Might seem obvious to some of
those reading this, but it's something that's way hard here in Japan
and I'm sick of that excuse. I want to change the odds and just bring
20 investigators to church.

Anyway, this email is probably way Boring but basically I just worked
at the open house a bunch this week. It's awesome to see old members
and less actives again that's for sure.

Ok have a good week everyone

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

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