Another beautiful week

April 16, 2017

Hello everyone! Sorry about my lack of quality emails and I guess the quantity has been pretty low too, but..... I'm going to do my best to really send good quality emails until the end of my mission.

Transfer calls came and I already left Kushiro and came to my new area in Sapporo. It is called atsubetsu and has the biggest ward in all of Hokkaido. I'm super excited to work with the members here and really get as much work done as I can before I head home.

My apartment is right next to the newly dedicated Sapporo temple and I get walk by it every day. it is such a privilege. The view from our apartment window is just magnificent.

Shoot this email is turning boring like I didn't want it to lol oh well....

I want to make this week's email awesome, but to be honest I just did a lot of stuff with transfers and most of the week consisted of getting used to my new area/ meeting the ward/ etc...

There was a wedding reception one of the first days here and it was a good chance to talk to a lot of people and get to know members and non members. I even talked to a kid who was one of our investigators a couple months back in Kushiro. Apparently his sister was in the atsubetsu ward and he went down for the wedding. Nice to catch up with him and hopefully he will start to listen to the lessons a little bit more seriously and see the blessings that he can receive.

I've recently had the amazing privilege of being able to do a lot of workshops to a huge variety of missionaries. I get to share why I love this gospel, how we can become more effective missionaries, my
personal testimony, etc... it's been such a privilege and is really strengthening my testimony a lot.

Well I hope you all have a great week and can overcome your trials.

Thanks for all the love

[Cutest baby in our ward. I love her!]

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