2 1/2 weeks left

This week was full of ups and downs. 

All of the people that were in our zone left on Monday morning. They were only 3 weeks ahead of us, so we got to know a lot of them really well for 6 weeks. I got really close to two Elders, Elder Lords and Elder Keenan. I know they're putting in work out in the field, but it was rough without them the first couple days. Our hallway in our classroom is so empty now, and the residences are dead quiet.

Not only did the people in our zone leave us, but all the people we came in with. Most people are only in the MTC for either 6 weeks or 12 days depending on the language you're learning. I had a ton of friends leave and it was tough to adjust.

Nothing too exciting happened this week. I guess it's just the normal MTC life. I'll share some wonderful pictures though, because I know you're all way curious to how the Japanese is coming. You don't have to tell me twice.

This week we got to do something new called Skype TRC (teaching resource center). Basically, my companion and I got to teach someone from Japan, or in Japan, over skype. The lady we had was named Kyoto. She talked so fast and my companion and I couldn't understand anything she was saying. She said one sentence that was seriously the longest sentence I've ever heard. I straight up could only understand about 20% of what she was saying. 

Almost every day this week I've had a wake up call of some sort. I'll be doing really well and class, and then typical me will start to feel really smart and cool. Then, I'll speak to a Japanese native and realize that I'm going to get murdered in Japan. The Japanese people speak so fast, and apparently it takes 3-4 weeks just to adjust to how fast they speak. 

I pray every night that I won't die out in Japan, but apparently everyone has a couple breakdowns their first month into the mission field. 

One more exciting thing and then I'm done. A big district of new missionaries came into the MTC this week. Surprisingly there is a whole district going to Sapporo. That means we aren't the only Sapporo missionaries anymore. I think it's pretty rare to get called to Sapporo specifically because I've heard that there is a set number of missionaries in that area at once. It seems like everyone is going to a different part of Japan.

Anyway, enough of my long boring email. Thank you to everyone who emails me and keeps me in their prayers. I am truly so blessed to be serving my Loving Heavenly Father. Keep up the emails and I promise I'll try and make mine less boring.

Have a good week.

Elder Scheidt

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  1. My son sent me this video.
    I thought the Japanese teacher wrote it.
    (I'm a native Japanese)
    He did really good!