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March 20, 2016

What's up everyone?!? Hope everyone enjoyed my lovely pictures. Let's get to the update of this last week

Monday: went to bistari bistari (Nepalese curry and NAN). Think it's become my favorite food in this area, and I swear I crave cheese nan every time I get hungry. We're trying to become regulars and I think it's working because the guy told us about a special they had today, but no one else. ;) Also have our normal spot in the restaurant. went super hard In the 3 hours of missionary work and got 3 lessons. Actually gave out a Book of Mormon! Super rare for me, so it kind of made my night. Excited for bistari next week (meaning today in about 2 hours!)

Tuesday: went out as a district and ate sushi. I ate a lot. Dropped just about 20$, but it was sick. You click a screen and select your sushi and then it comes around on a conveyor belt. I ordered a lot of cake haha. I'm getting fat this transfer haha. I've probably gained about 5 pounds. I think the same 5 pounds I lost last transfer... Taught some good lessons that day as well. Finally met with one lady we've been trying to meet with for the whole transfer. She has potential, just so dang busy. Also gave her a Book of Mormon! This week we taught a lot and it was awesome to see progress.

Wednesday: we go to an old folks home every Wednesday here and talk to old ladies for about 2 hours. It's hard enough to understand old people English, let alone Japanese. It's near impossible. I nod a lot and say "right" or "yeah yeah yeah" a lot. I love doing service because Japanese people are too stubborn to let you help them with anything if you don't know them. So, my service opportunities here are way small. At night we tried visiting some people, but no one was home. Bummer! I always make origami and give them to people. The old folks people loved them.

Thursday: we met with Takada San. He has a baptismal date for the 27th of this month, but still hasn't been and won't come to church, so the date went away. He's a 70ish year old man and is very content with being rich (he's filthy) and happy. Right now he's doing everything right, but has a problem with the law of chastity. I won't go into detail, but he's being difficult. We're trying to teach him the blessings of following commandments, but he always says rejects it and whenever you start to talk all serious or testify to him. He always looks down at his phone and kind of stops listening. please pray for him. He is so close and just needs to make those final steps towards Christ. I love him. Probably my favorite investigator haha. Watched finding faith in Christ with him, and it kind of slapped him in the face and woke him up. He knows what he needs to do, just needs a little more faith.

Friday: cool moment of the week. We had a lot of housing time because another baptismal date investigator (yamahata San) doesn't answer our calls. We tried visiting her anyways because she has a date for the 27th this month, but isn't prepared yet. Don't really know what to know if she's not really contacting us back. Anyway, She wasn't home and so we started housing. It was getting really rough, so I decided to say a silent prayer asking for at least one nice person to JUST LISTEN to us. Here in Japan no one really listens. They heard Jesus Christ and it's "yep no thanks, I'm Buddhist" (and then turn off their little speaker box). It makes it rough sometimes, but those people that just listen, even if they don't have interest sometimes make the rough times a bit easier. We found a way cool guy named sato san and we're going to visit him next week. Tender mercies of the Lord are what make missionary work all worth the while.

Saturday: tried a bunch of people and no one was really home. Still hadn't done our 3 hour weekly planning session for the week, so we went back a bit early and did that. Pretty boring day to be honest.

Sunday: my companion had a talk at church today. The Japanese comes a little harder to him than a lot of other people, so he basically a lot of Friday and Saturday asking for my help to translate it to Japanese. Also taught three lessons that night to the same people on Monday. We hit an all time mission high for me!!!

GREAT NEWS!!! The snow is melting like crazy. I'm up in on of the more northern areas and it's almost all melted. It started a couple days ago, and has been working really hard. We get our bikes back next transfer, so I don't have to walk 1 hour to the area and 1 hour back anymore (if I don't transfer). One day I was actually sweating a lot, and I don't think my body remembers what sweat feels like.

The language is going alright. I'm the senior companion, so no matter what I need to at least act like I understand. In Japanese, when you ask a question it's the same as when you're stating a sentence. The only difference being "Ka" at the end. It's the best, when i sit there listening to a member or investigator ramble off and i just think to myself "freak! What are they saying? I really hope this isn't a question" and then they let out KA and its game over. Some days I understand a lot, some almost none. I still really hate Japanese haha.

Elder Pace and I get along really well. We're so different but  it hasn't caused any problems this far. We haven't even been mad at each other once yet, which is an accomplishment if you spend 24/7 with someone everyday for 5weeks. Still hard teaching because he's so quiet and afraid of messing up, so I basically am doing most, if not all of it.

Mission life is good and I'm loving it out here. I'm working really hard this transfer. Hard work brings big rewards. Kk this email is huge, but I feel like I could have given a better idea of the environment I'm in right this week, so next week will be shorter sorry. Have a good week!

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[Actually had a wedding couple weeks back I forgot to mention. The missionaries in this area all sang families can be together. The cake was legendary. So much cake was leftover, but we didn't get any and I'm still confused on where it all went. The hunt continues.]


[District at sushi. My hair looks way short with a little fuzz on top. Yep.]

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