April 17, 2016

Yep the title does not lie. We have bikes again because 95% of the snow here is gone! It's still way freaking cold and windy as it can get, but now we can bike baby! It made our missionary work time increase so much. Before bikes, we had to walk an hour to our area and an hour back every day. Now we can bike there in about 15 minutes. Plus, my companion did a lot of mountain biking before the mission, so he is pushing me to my limit. Sometimes I feel like he's training me. We have this massive hill to this area called 春光台 and he bikes up it in 2 minutes and then waits at the top for me to come in 30 seconds later. Now is about the time I'm wishing I had a bike the last 15 years of my life ha.

This week was awesome for missionary work. It was a bit rough at first because we couldn't get in contact with anyone. A lot of people didn't answer their phones, a lot of people were sick, too many people are busy, etc...

That gave us a pretty solid amount of time to do some finding and seek out God's children who are in need of our saving. Finding isn't my favorite aspect of missionary work, based off the fact that I had little to no success the from finding the first 6 months of my mission. However, it is one of the best feelings when you find someone interested or willing to talk to you. You spend the rest of the day talking about how 金人 (kanji for golden investigator-meaning lots of potential) the person was, what we should teach them, etc...

We found 3 new people this week! It was awesome. I didn't find 1 for the first 6 months here in Hokkaido. This week we found 3! I know I repeated it, but it's just because of how awesome it is to add people to the pool of investigators we are trying to help.

Cool experience of the week and I'll wrap up.

There is an investigator named takeuchi San. He is in his 50's and is Buddhist, so not a whole ton of interest right off the bat. He's a volunteer and is super busy. (Lots of Japanese people say they're busy, but he is legit way freaking busy let me tell ya) here's our game plan: what we're trying to do with him is just punch him with our testimonies, make him feel the strong presence of the spirit, and then bounce out of there super fast. We want him to feel the night and day difference of feeling the spirit when we talk with him and when we leave. We want him to desire that feeling we bring him. So of course we visited and he was busy, but my comp has never seen a Buddhist shrine, so we literally said the same thing I said the first time I met this guy. "I've never seen ..... Can we come in and look at it" he let us in and we talked a bit, but then someone came to the door and he got really busy with volunteer stuff again..... His wife came home as he was about to kick us out and she told us to sit down. We got served coffee, which led into a lesson about the word of wisdom, which led into who we are, what we're doing, about our families, our beliefs, etc... We taught her so much, and she literally has so much potential. We prayed with her before we left and she told us "that was an awesome feeling. I really liked that" Funny thing is that the husband was sitting right behind the couch the whole time doing paperwork. He didn't even try to listen our participate. So, we taught our investigators wife with him not listening in the room haha.

Well, that's it. This church is true and I'm loving the work. I can't believe how fast time flies. I'm starting to get into that middle range where I'm not a young or old missionary anymore. I don't
really like it haha

Love you all bye bye

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[I love this guy. Literally the nicest person in the world. I've never met anyone nicer up to this point in my life.]

 [This is called melon pan. It is my life. Freaking America needs to get its act together and sell this stuff!]

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