Training is pretty sick no lie

April 10, 2016

Haven't done a good breakdown in a while, so here's a mediocre one

Monday: once again did our bistarai bistari Nepalese curry run like every Monday. Might be the last for a while because I weighed in recently and boy was I surprised. I got up to 165, so I'm actually on a strict diet right now trying to get back down to 155 before I regret anything. (Let's be honest I can't do it) Visited an awesome less active and introduced my new companion. Basically all of missionary work lately has been introducing my companion to everyone because he literally has been here less than 2 weeks now.

Tuesday: had a zone conference and had a bean shower for my bean. Bean is this mission's common term for new missionary. Every time we have a new missionary in the zone, everyone buys something cool and we attack the bean after ZTM with goodies, toys, candy, etc... My comp. has been chowing all his snacks from his bean shower like its no one's business haha. Makes it even harder to lose weight.

Wednesday: did our normal Wednesday routine and went to the old folks home for 2 hours. Those little old ladies never get visitors and it is just awesome to watch them light up when we walk in. The literally wait all week for us to come visit them every Wednesday. We sing songs together and just talk about lots of things. One lady always brings up religion and will ask you what religion you are probably 5 times in 10 minutes. She doesn't like being the only Catholic in the old folks home. They forget things after 10 seconds so sometimes I tell her I'm Catholic too and then she'll say something like: "so sad it's just us two. We're the only Catholics in his place." She then forgets and asks you for the 9th time and you tell her you aren't Catholic haha so fun.

Thursday: we stayed in suehiro to dendo (missionary work) and met a less active at the church named Brother Uchida. I feel really bad for him because he just moved, is looking for a job, in his 40's and not married, and just seems really lonely. I've really come to love him a lot. It's awesome when you start to love the people you interact with because you really do 100% forget yourself and there's nothing better in this life than 2 years of devoted, selfless service. Right now we're just doing our best to show him Christ like love and be his friend.

Friday: it's days like today that I live for on my mission. We taught two people at their door (in their room in front of their door called the genkan) and had 2 awesome lessons. One lady has had a lot of deaths in her family so we emphasized eternal families after this life and it really got her excited. I could see her progressing a lot from her on if she really commits. The other was the message of the restoration (Joseph smith, Book of Mormon). The spirit was so strong and just made everything awesome that day.

Saturday: basically spent all day sitting in the church with another group of missionaries watching conference. I got lucky to be watching it with other English speakers. Some missionaries watch it alone because they're the only American for miles. Glad I had the opportunity to listen to our beloved prophet. Truly called of God.

Sunday: basically like yesterday, but watched Sunday conference. It's cool that Japan gets everything a week later because if you want to, you can read a long with the talks because they came out just before we started watching conference.

I'm already loving training. Believe it or not, I learn a lot from a new missionary with a lot of what we call "dendo fire" he wants to work hard, and might be working me more than I thought I could haha. He loves yelling out "konnichiwa"or "hello" to everyone we walk by. It's the first time I have really been talking to everyone I see and not just the people that are easy to talk to. I've seen lots of miracles out here and every day is getting better.

Love you all

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[Had a meal at probably my favorite member since coming to Japan's house yo!]

[First Mexican food in over 9 months baby!]

[This is the bean shower.]

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