I can't believe it either

April 3, 2016

Yep, so transfer calls came, and it was probably the most shocked I've been since coming out here.

To say the least.... I went trainer. I just moved on to transfer 6 and for this mission going trainer on 6 is pretty dang fast. Most people go trainer around the 8th to 10th transfer range. The second youngest trainer this transfer was a transfer 9 Japanese missionary and the youngest American besides me was transfer 10. Looks like our mission president has a lot of faith in me. Let's just hope I don't screw it up.

So, I got the call on Monday and was not expecting it at all. Freaking scared me to be honest haha. Went to Honbu on Wednesday and met my companion. His name is Elder Conover and he is from Apline, Utah.

Side note: he is my 4th companion from Utah. Keep in mind he's also my 6th companion. Typical Utah. More than half of my companions are from Utah.

We get along super well and I can definitely see why I am the one training him. Our personalities are basically identical. He went to BYU Idaho for a semester before the mission, so that might cause some problems (jk) but it's all good. The only problem is he's way freakin tall, so I feel like he's training me all the time haha.

Basically this last week was going to the mission home and me trying to make Japan an awesome first experience for a new missionary. He has never been to Japan before, so I'm showing him all the cool stuff the cool kids are doing and just having a blast watching him soak everything up. He loves the mission so much. Sometimes I think he has more missionary fire than me, so honestly I'm already learning a lot on how I can be a better missionary.

It's nerve racking because he looks at everything I'm doing. I'm his first impression of missionaries in Japan, so my missionary work and obedience needs to be 150%. It's good for me because I've been making sure I'm doing the literal 100% best that I can do recently.

We are going to need many prayers for the next 12 weeks because let's be honest. Only studying Japanese for 9 months is not enough to get by. His Japanese is what you would expect from how much you learn at the MTC and I'm still a young missionary, so I'm still getting there too.

Thankful for this opportunity and I guess Heavenly Father really is humbling me over this 2 year period. I think it's good for me. Missionary work is the best, and this gospel is true. No doubt in my

Hope everyone has a good week! Love you all

敬具 (sincerely yours)

ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[Me and my bean (only pic we have together sorry)]

[Made this sick iPad case with one of the sister's investigators. Doraemon is a kids show in Japan]

[ Everyone that was at the sewing party. Investigator is bottom left.]

[Got a pic with the Nepalese worker (bisatrai bistarai) we treat him like he's famous hahahah. I love NAN!!!]

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