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September 11, 2016

What up everyone? Honestly this week was just a normal week of missionary work.

Here's a couple highlights:
             We had zone training meeting where me and my companion
threw it down hard on everyone. Jk it was pretty nice. But, there
actually was one point where my companion yelled out 悔い改めなさい!(meaning
repent! In command form) he said it as a joke, but then everyone kind
of got quiet and things got awkward fast haha. That was funny
             We taught a good amount of people and had lots of lessons
about what people are expecting from meeting with us. I think we need
to weed how the people who like missionaries from the people who
actually have interest and want to follow Jesus Christ.
            We gave out a couple of book of Mormons

Wow this email sounds more boring after actually writing it out. Tbh,
I can't remember anything amazing that happened recently. We have just
been hitting the pavement and getting big spiritually.

I ripped my paints on my bike chain, but I'm a pro at sewing and did a
good job. I'll send that pic this week.

Kk sorry for the waste of time and boring email. Not too much to talk
about, but I will try and be more positive next week and find good
things to write about ha

Transfer calls are tomorrow so that should be interesting. I'll let up
everyone know what happens ;)
Elder Isobe and Elder Askew are reading this .... Haha

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[Can barely tell it ripped right? I hope you're proud of me mom haha]

[Ate this meal with a member on Saturday night. Sick Chinese restaurant. First time I ate with a member in a long time. Idk why, but just haven't had any members feed us recently. I don't mind, more time to go find people prepared to listen ya know?]

[Sometimes I use this to house and tell people it's a survey. Depending on the situation it is more effective than, "can we talk about Jesus with you?"]

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