Transfers just got real!

September 18, 2016

Soooooo.... I transferred again! I was seriously not expecting it at
all and this will not make my 3rd area in 3 months! To put it in
1st area (shinkotoni) 2 transfers
2nd area (shinoro) 2 transfers
3rd area (suehiro) 3 transfers
4th area (higashi) 1 transfers
5th area (asahikawa) 1 transfers
6th (....... KOTONI!!!!!)

It's pretty rare to do a one and done in this mission, but i did it back to back to show off, jk I actually didn't want to transfer at all. Asahikawa had some awesome people I wanted to continue meeting, and sick places I wanted to go :( oh well

Anyway, my new companion is elder Bateman. He is from Seattle, Washington. He came on a mission right out of high school and is on his second to last transfer (15/16), so about 3 more months left on his mission. We are the same age and he is a straight bro. We are getting along great and are legit working the hardest I have ever worked on my mission. Up until now the most lessons I have probably taught is around 14-15 in one week. Elder Bateman and I taught over 65 this last week. We literally talk to everyone and he is way good with people and it gets people to listen to us a lot. I am ready to learn a lot from him and just have the best transfer of my mission.

We also have some sick progressing investigators and recent converts. The elder before me (elder israelsen) and elder Bateman were streeting one of the first days last transfer just talking to everyone they see. They talked to this guy named Uchida San who didn't seem to have a ton of interest, but came to church every week since getting called out to, and he got baptized last week. elder Bateman and his companion found him in the beginning of the transfer and he got baptized in 6 weeks! He is a walking miracle, and I was suprised how much faith he has when I first met him. Solid guy for sure!

I'm really hoping Elder Bateman and I can keep things running. He was a former AP and really knows his stuff, so we are just killing it right now!

This last week a lot happened. I made handmade sushi for the first time, I transferred back to Sapporo again (I do this back and forth transfer to Sapporo and asahikawa a little too much), had a talk first week in sacrament meeting, had a sports night and whooped everyone in ping pong. Made me think about my buddy Nathan the first time we Hung out at BYU when I spanked him hard in ping pong.

Yep, honestly life is good right now and this is one of the best areas in the mission! I'm having a blast and working as hard as I can. The lord is blessing us so much right now

Ok I will send a couple pics of what I have right now kk bye bye

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[Working so hard my shoe fell apart]

[Treated ourselves to a buffet after killing it first week together (it's only been 4 days)]

[Made sushi one of my last days in asahikawa]

[Members threw us a big party at the end of the transfer. I ate soooo much]

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