One more week

September 4, 2016

Hey everyone sorry I didn't send out an email last week. I was putting
pictures on a flash drive and it took a lot of my email time, so....

Anyway, nothing super exciting happened this week

Here's a quick summary:
Went on splits with another Elder in my apartment. We did some good
streeting and it was awesome to watch his dendo fire (wanting to work
harder) increase, as well as his confidence. He's a good missionary,
just had some hard transfers with very little teaching. After teaching
a bunch with him, he got way excited to be a better missionary. It was
an awesome day. Saw lots of tender mercies of the Lord.

Went on splits with members looking for some less actives that live
too far for us to visit on bikes. All 4 elders splits with 4 ward
members. Me and the ward member I was assigned to visited 2 people and
they were both not home. He chose to get married rather than serve a
mission when he was 21 years old, and he doesn't really know how it
feels to try people who aren't home or really just do missionary work.
He seemed a little sad that we spent 1-2 hours trying people who
weren't even home. I then proceeded to explain how that was normal
missionary life and that's why working with members is the best
method. I think he kind of realized how important members are more
than he had before. At least I think so....

Had a meeting with all the zone leaders and sister missionary leaders
on Saturday. I love those meetings so much! I get to hear awesome
workshops from the mission president and his sick assistants (shout
out again to Elder Stevens)

Other than that, just lots of knocking doors and people not being home.

Me and my comp are doing okay. We are both polar opposites, so we
don't talk a whole ton because there's nothing to talk about....
However, we are still teaching a lot and feeling the spirit and that's
all you can ask for.  Okay

Thank you. Have a great week!

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[Our district last week before we ate lunch together]

[We were all companions with a guy named Elder Birch at one point, so we took a picture of us hugging a birch tree]

[My mom bought two puppies and I got so puppy trunky]

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