Short email

August 14, 2016

Sorry everyone I decided to write this email at the end and my one
hour is ending pretty soon, but.....

So we had zone activity on Monday and zone training meeting on Tuesday.

We played a picture scavenger hunt and everyone seemed to like it. We
also told everyone to bring their favorite snacks and dump it into a
big tub of vanilla ice cream and mix it. That was way bomb! Shout out
to Elder Fa'alafua!

ZTM was pretty good. I was sweating bullets in front of the whole
zone, but luckily my suit coat covered up my armpit sweat marks. Maybe
that was a little much... Jk I actually thought it went really good
and when I started talking I wasn't nervous at all. We are working on
unity this transfer and I've already seen lots of small miracles from
everyone's efforts.

Other than that, the area right now is struggling a lot. We hardly
have anyone to teach and if we do they don't have a whole ton of
interest, so we are doing lots and lots of finding here in asahikawa!

I will try to find something more interesting next week. Love you all

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