Hello everyone!

November 13, 2016

Had the opportunity to go on splits with one of the assistants this week and another day with a transfer 1 missionary in my apartment named Elder Jensen. I learned a lot from both and got lots of fire to work harder and harder every day.

I'm trying to think what happened this week, but it was lots of visiting members. Elder Akamatsu and I have just been visiting members like crazy. We tried probably 3-4 every day this last week and I can already see our relationship with members increasing a lot. Other than that, our investigators are all way weak or have no interest, so we have been dropping and knocking doors a good amount lately.

One small miracles was when I was on splits with the AP. We had lots of finding time and so I decided to pray and choose an area for us to knock doors. At first no one was home and it was kind of a bad area, so I thought we should move on to a new area. However, the spirit prompted me to continue and we kept housing. After about another 20 minutes we knocked a door and this guy says: go ahead and let's us into his genkan (the room behind the door but in front of the main room where you take off your shoes). After that he said to enter his house without us even saying anything. Probably the second or third time that has ever happened to me in the last 16 months. He had met missionaries before and has come to church before, etc... He's pretty dang rich and just kept feeding us weird food I've never had before. I think he was a kinjin. That's what we call golden person meaning that they are so prepared to hear our message.

Been studying very hard recently and learning lots of new church history, Japanese, life advice, etc... I'm learning more than I could ever imagine and loving life right now.

It snowed way hard last week and we were off our bikes for about half the week and then it freaking melted but stayed as cold as it was with snow. We our on bikes right now, but actually have to send them into the church headquarters today whether there is snow or not in our area. So.... We will been on foot for the next 6 months

Excited for what lies ahead.

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[Shoutout to my buddy Gary in Russia this is him]

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