October 23, 2016

To start things off.... It snowed on Thursday! Elder Bateman and I had an appointment with a recently found young family at 6:30 and it was pretty cold outside but no signs of snow at all. We went into the house and had an awesome lesson, got to know the family better, and boom we leave at 7:30 and there is about 1-2 inches of snow piled up outside. It was freaking ridiculous and I just kept yelling "my life is over" however, the snow has completely melted and now it's windy as heck. It feels like winter, but the snow is gone and some I'm kind of stuck between whether I want it to be snowy or not right now.

I went on splits with another elder that I came to Japan with and it was legit one of the most fun days I've had on my mission. I know I'm not here to have fun, but i feel like it was a perfect mix of working hard while having fun. After all, they do say if you aren't having fun you are doing things wrong. We had 2 appointments fall through and so we literally had 7 hours of nothing..... Finding yeah! We didn't have a whole ton of success, but the whole day I just felt like the Lord was blessing us and even though we didn't see a lot of stuff happen. Made me think a lot about how far me and this other elder had come since coming to Japan in September of last year.

Other than that things are normal and get rejected a lot. We do lots of streeting here (walking on the streets and literally calling out to everyone you walk by) and I love it. Get rejected and yes! Time to find someone who wants to listen and will be immensely blessed.

Having a good time. Transfer calls are tomorrow and I hope I don't leave again. I don't want to do 4 areas in 4 months that is for sure.
It's all good, I think I'll stay :)

Love you all

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[My comp wanted to try eating the whole thing it is called the teine Yama. It is 6-8 cups of rice turned into fried rice with gyoza and curry all mixed in it. To put things into perspective only a few people in the world have finished it and it weighs 8 pounds. He got half way and was about to throw up. Look at the top right and you can see the grease haha so sick!]

[No one believes this little 165lb. Guy can pound food, but I put this (4-6 pound) meal down in 20 minutes haha]

[Bought a sick scripture case last week!]

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