November 27

November 27, 2016

well this is the last full week of the transfer, so we made some crazy goals and are ready to work super hard.

We have been doing lots and lots of finding to be honest and still haven't found anyone that has interest in our message. Right now we have 0 people progressing. We are trying to be creative and see what happens, but I'm not a very creative person, so if anyone has ideas on how to find people to talk to, I'm all ears.

Elder Akamatsu and I are getting along super well and just having fun with missionary work. We are continuing the member missionary work and visit members pretty frequently. This week we had some members feed us
dinner, which tbh isn't something that I've had happen a lot in the last 3 transfers. It was nice to get to know some more members in a quiet, nice setting. It was also nice to just pound my face lol.

Still no sign of snow. Idk what the weather forecast is like, but it sure doesn't seem like the snowiest mission in the world. Maybe we will make it to Christmas with no snow. That was be pretty legit, but it's so cold here that I want it to snow. Otherwise I think <oh it's kind of sunny, probably not that cold. I'll wear a light jacket>

My companion is from Hiroshima where it rarely snows and is pretty warm (kind of like California). Watching him experience his first winter is freaking hilarious. He just walks around saying "I still can't believe how cold it is" "okay I'm going home now" I keep reminding him this is my last winter and he still has 1 next year too :) One day last week he looked outside and thought "actually it doesn't look that cold, so I'll try going today without gloves" it was kind of funny watching him yell out "okay we need to go inside for a little bit, my hand is going to fall off" his English is getting way good.

Kk sorry for a boring email. I'm praying I'll send an email next week about how we found someone prepared. I know the Lord sends us trials right before something amazing happens.

敬具 (sincerely yours)
ー  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[This is us riding the bus a while back]

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