Time is flying

March 12, 2017

It's crazy to me how old I am as a missionary and how fast time is flying. Doing my best to not think about it and just work hard. I want to make these last 3 months the best 3 months! Loving the time out here and trying to make the most of it!

We had a zone training meeting this week and everyone came down to Kushiro to stay in our apartment. We had a ton of fun spiritually as well as physically.
We played dodgeball as a zone in the church parking lot and it was super legit. My body was aching a lot afterwards. Jeez I am out of shape. I'll probably need to go on runs a lot when I get home. We also had a little devotional where we asked 3 people to pick a favorite church video and testify about it to the rest of the zone. After that person testifies, it is free for anyone else to testify if they want to. Really good spiritual experience and something I've never done on my mission before.

Our baptismal date Hitoshi kun is doing alright I think. His date is set for this Saturday and he passed his interview with the mission president on Friday last week. However, he doesn't seem to be super excited to be baptized (kind of feels indifferent) and so we are questioning whether he really has the desire to follow Christ or not. We don't want him getting baptized for us and If he doesn't have the faith yet, we want to wait a little longer and help him develop that faith.
It's an interesting situation because he follows all the commandments and wants to be baptized, but isn't super excited about it? I'm not really sure, but we have another interview this week and if things are okay he will probably be baptized this Saturday! I'm so excited for him. Please pray for him.

Other than that, we have nothing really going for us in the area and are finding a lot. If anyone has any tips on how to find people to listen to us, feel free to let us know.

I'm so grateful for this church and the wonderful things I've learned on my mission. I grow closer to my savior every day and there's no where I would rather be than here right now. The gospel is true and was restored by a true prophet Joseph smith. I know these things and they have brought me so much happiness. I really do love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ!

Hope everyone has a great week.

Thanks for everything

敬具 (sincerely yours)

  シャイト長老 (Elder Scheidt)

[Here is our zone and Hitoshi kun. The kid all the way to the left is my mission grandson. I trained a new missionary and the kid to the left was trained by my bean. Pretty rare to meet a grandchild in the mission :)
The zone is obihiro zone but we call it BRObihiro zone. Sorry sisters]

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